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General Post Meeting Thursday October 20,2016  7:00P.M. ( 1900HR )



Upcoming Events

Monday November 21, 2016: "RCAL Membership Meeting; CR & RO Blauvelt  Post 310 at Nyack NY,  6;30 PM




Roll Call:

Commander- Charles Avery

1st Vice- John Sayers 

2nd Vice- Robert Young Sr.

3rd Vice- Maureen Morgan

Finance - Officer Rick Ell

Adjutant -Kenneth Nurse

Chaplin - Arnie Regensberger

Historian - Austin Hansen 

Sergeant at Arms  -Joe Green 

Member at Large -  Peter Medina

Member at Large M.Carmona


Member at Large - Al Marshall

Judge Advocate - Howie Goldin

Service Officer- Charles Butler

Member at Large Ciro Peluso


Delegates to County Convention:

Peter Medina

John Sayers

Rick Ell

Robert Young

Kenneth Nurse

Al Marshall


Manny Carmona

Circo Pelso

Charles Butler

Arnie Regensburger

Joe Greene

Charlie Avery





Monthly Meeting Minutes 10/20/2016

Time                   Event:1900                  

Meeting was called to order by Commander Charles Avery.

Chaplin: Arnie Regensberger lead the meeting with a prayer.

 Posting of the colors ceremony was conducted by the Sergeant of Arms Joe Green. It was immediately followed by the posting of the MIA flag.

There were no introduction of dignitaries by Peter Medina at this meeting. However, Peter Medina announced that 2 nd Vice President Mr. Robert Young Sr. was being honored as the veteran of the year 2016 on November 6th at the New City Court House steps at 12: noon members are asked to gather by 11:30 am. The county commander will introduce Mr. Young at the ceremony.

1910                   Roll Call: By Commander Avery

All members were present except Ciro Peluso, Dr. Howard Goldin and Grady Anderson. 
This meeting was determined judicially to have a quorum.                                                                   
The past meeting's minutes was accepted as reading. 

1922  The financial report was read by the finance officer Rick Ell. A motion to accept the budget (as read) was made and was passed (John Sayers 1st Vice Commander abstained).

Committee Reports:

Membership: Robert Young Sr. (2nd Vice Commander) reported that the membership was now 95, and he introduced a new member (Mr. Gregory Shepherd). There was a motion to accept, and again John Sayers abstained.

Maureen Morgan(3rd Vice Commander) announced that the oratorical will be held on 12/1/2016 from 10:am to 11:am. There are 2 males and 2 females competing from Spring Valley High (seniors).  Maureen Morgan also announced the candidates for the Oratorical. She also made mention that the chaplains meeting  and breakfast will be held on 02/05/2017.                             

Member at large: Peter Medina of the Ways and Means committee reported that a total of $2,295 was on hand from the Calendar and Raffle sales. Total sales was $3,420, out of which total payment of 1,100.00 was made

Holiday party: will be held on January 7th 2017 at a new venue (Gilligan on the Hudson)                                             

 Details: $24 per head, Buffet = $28 there will be a cash bar or sit-down. Tickets will be   $45. Snow date is January 14th.

Building Committee: Peter Medina explained that the Village attorney drew up a lease for 50 years. There are proposals to have teams play on the field. Then there will be food concession stands. This will require food handler’s certification. Maureen and Mr. Avery know caterers whom they will consider.


Dr. Howard Goldin a member of the Spring Valley Rotary club has journeyed to Viet Nam (today) where he and his team will be building a new school.

There will also be emblem sales for hats.                                                  

Old Business....................................None

New Business: The military order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) chapter 120 will hold a welfare fund. During this function vouchers to the West Point Commissary will be given out. John Sayers seconded the motion of $100 which was made by Robert Young.

The Commander Dinner will be held on November 14th 2016. Two (2) people will be sent. Three  (3) vice commanders are going: Mr. Young, John Sayers and Maureen Morgan. The post will pay for 3 tickets. The motion to accept was raised by Peter Medina for $55. per person.

Presentations: A plaque featuring General George S. Patton was entrusted with the Adjutant Kenneth Nurse to present to Brigadier General John F. Hussey as a thank you plaque for his participation in the last Memorial day dedication which was held at the memorial park in Spring Valley.

Sick Call.   According to Peter Medina, Joe Taxten is still sick, however he is doing much better.                       

Good for the legion:  The Spring Valley branch of the NAACP invited Post 199 to their Annual Freedom Fund Membership Gala, which will be held on Friday October 28, 2016.

                                      Just Energy

                                     Annual fund raiser 2017  VVA ------333

                                     Finish Calendar sales

New Mail: was read by the Ken Nurse and Maureen Morgan.  Maureen mentioned that a total of 79 tickets were sold.

50/50 club:

Collected $51. and $26 went to the winner Gregory Shepherd the new member.

2015: The colors and the POW flag were retired by the Sergeant of Arms (Joe Green).

Post 199 commander Charles Avery closed the meeting for this day.



Minutes respectfully submitted by

Kenneth Nurse