Moscarella Post #199


Monthly Meeting Minutes 11/17/2016
Time Event: 1900                  
Meeting was called to order by Commander Charles Avery.                            
Chaplin: Arnie Regensberger opened the meeting with a special prayer.                            
Posting of the colors ceremony was conducted by the Sergeant of Arms Joe Green.
It was  immediately followed by the posting of the MIA flag.
1910   Roll Call: By Commander Avery  All members were present except Mannie Carmona & Ciro Peluso 
This meeting was determined judicially to have a quorum.                                                                   
 A motion not to read the minutes of the last meeting was made by 1st Vice Commander   
John Sayers. This was seconded by Rick Ell and Maurine Morgan.
The past meeting's minutes was accepted as was posted on the Website.
1920 Introduction of Guests and dignitaries was done by Member at large Peter Medina.   
 Membership:  Staff Sergeant (SSG) Ander R. Curtis (Active Duty MOS 79R ) Commander of the U.S Army Recruiting Center in Nanuet NY. Transferring in from his Legion Post in Florida. 2nd Vice Commander  Robert Young Sr. stated that membership was 71 strong - 22. 1922               
 Financial Report was read by the finance officer Rick Ell. A motion to accept the budget (as read) was made by Peter Medina and was seconded.
Committee Reports: Peter Medina mention that February 4th 2017 Post 199 will be sponsoring the chaplains meeting  and breakfast which will be held on 02/05/2017.
He also mentioned that the Holiday party will be on January 7th 2017, and it will be held at Gilligan on the Hudson property. Adults will be charged $45, while children will be charged $20, and  kids under 5 years will be allowed to eat free.
Peter made a plea for volunteers to this event and kindly requested that they be at the door by 6 pm. Cocktail hour is 6pm while dinner starts at 7pm sharp. Peter also reminded everyone to bring gifts for the raffle (preferable recycled gifts). He also mentioned that there will be a cash bar or sit-down. Snow date is January 14th.
Peter Medina also mentioned that instead of selling Poppies, there will be extra Calendars for sale in January, February and March. He also mentioned that money raised will go towards the general fund. (Note: Calendars will be done twice).
Building Committee: Commander Avery stated that he went to a meeting at Village Hall and that there was no quorum. He stated that Anthony Moscarella Post 199 Spring Valley New York has a building permit to operate the old Little League Building on Dutch Lane in Spring Valley for one year.
Maurine Morgan(3rd Vice Commander) announced that the oratorical will be held on 12/10/2016 from 10:am to 11:am, and will be hosted by New City Post 1682. Aleah Green and one other person was chosen. The motion to sponsor was moved by Commander Avery. There are 2 males and 2 females competing from Spring Valley High (seniors).  Maureen Morgan also stated that 2 girls from Rockland Community College will be attending Girl State function. There was no report on Boy State.
Old Business:..................None
New Business: 2nd Vice Commander Robert Young Sr. presented the Bare Ball Cap to SSG Curtis along with the American Legion Pin.
Good for the Legion: 1st Vice Commander John Sayers presented a Plaque to 2nd Vice Commander Robert Young Sr. and congratulated him on his selection as Rockland County American Legion member of the year. 
Americanism:   Judge Advocate Dr. Howard Goldin  explained the progress on the ongoing effort to build a special monument in Haverstraw for Desert Shield/Desert Storm/ Bosnia/ Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans.
Old Business....................................None
New Business: The military order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) chapter 120 will hold a welfare fund. During this function vouchers to the West Point Commissary will be given out. John Sayers seconded the motion of $100 which was made by Robert Young at the last meeting.
Sick Call.   According to Peter Medina, Joe Taxten is still sick, however he is doing much better.                       
New Mail: was read by the Maureen Morgan.  Maureen mentioned that Rena M. Nessler from American Legion Post 396 has become the first female Department of New York American Legion Commander.
There are 10 Raffle tickets which will be sold at $5 each.
50/50 club: Collected $51. and $26 went to the winner Gregory Shepherd again (two consecutive months).
Chaplin Arnie Regensberger, said the benediction.
2015: The colors and the POW flag were retired by the Sergeant of Arms (Joe Green).
2020: Post 199 commander Charles Avery adjourned the meeting for this night.                        

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Kenneth Nurse