Moscarella Post #199



(List the Names of Current Committees, members, time and dates, topics and agenda, etc.).

Post 199



Committees Chairperson  Peter Medina
Americanism Committee Butler - C.Peluso
Baseball Committee Avery- C.Peluso
Blood Donor Committee Manny Carmona
BOYS STATE M.Morgan-K.Nurse
Cemetery Committee Rick Ell
Children & Youth Committee H.Goldin
Community Service Committee K.Nurse-A.Regensberger
Finance Committee Rick Ell -P.Medina -A.Regensberger
Fundraising Committee P.Medina -Al Marshall-Manny Carmona
New Post/New Home Committee Medina-Avery-Ell-Young-Carmona
Oratorical Committee M.Morgan-K.Nurse
Scholarships H.Goldin-P.Medina-J.Sayers 
Veteran of the Year Avery-P.Medina-Young