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“               Vietnam Memories, Stories Left At The Wall”



Educational component scheduled for 2013, sanctioned by the National Park Service and created by the Jersey City University, Gary Patnosh creator> “Vietnam Memories, Stories Left At The Wall”

Suffern High School

     April 2 – April 12. There will be a mandatory assembly for the entire school on April 2. From April 3 to April 12 there will be classes given inside a museum that will be set up in the Suffern High School Library. it is estimated that there will be 1,475 students from Suffern High seeing this program


 Felix Festa Middle School

     May 9 – May 17. There will be a mandatory assembly on May 9th for the entire 8th grade (800 students). From May 10 to May 17 there will be a museum set up inside the Felix Festa library and again the entire 8th grade will be involved with this teaching session.

     Last year we did our program and had pleasure of introducing Cpl. Delisi (USMC) who just returned from his second tour in Afghanistan. IT IS IMPORTANT for the students to understand who and what a Veteran is.

 If you are interesting in hearing about this program, contact Howard Goldin for more information.   AT  --

We have been involved with this program since 2000 and have educated more than 40,000 students about our war and its aftermath.


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